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Nick Saban
Larry Burton (Panama City Beach, Fla.) This year, SEC Media Days will be at the Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover, Alabama and though every SEC Media Days event has its twist, this will be an interesting year.

Two new members will be addressing the press as head coaches—Joker Phillips at Kentucky and Derek Dooley of Tennessee—and many old faces return. Though there are rumors of coaches on a hot seat, this could be a group that we see return next year as a whole.

This year won't be the typical dog and pony show as coaches are allowed to bring three players for the media to interview as well.

That should bring some interesting moments as it always does. Who can forget Tim Tebow's "I'm a virgin" comment? With this many athletes in one spot, you can be sure something will be said to rival that one.

For some coaches, just picking the three players to bring could add some problems for their team. Suppose you are a player who thinks you're one of the top three and you're not chosen, could it cause hurt feelings?

And this year, there may be questions that have never been asked before, such as coaches' views on expansion of the SEC and more.

Though it might be a little more boring with the absence of "shoot from the lip" Kiffin, Steve Spurrier is always good for notable line or two.

Remember last year when Spurrier was the only coach not to vote Tebow as the top QB in the league and the controversy it caused? Spurrier finally admitted to having one of his assistants fill out his vote for him.

It will be interesting to note what this year's buzz will be about. Many are already anticipating it.

Remember a few years back when Fulmer of Tennessee was a no-show so he couldn't be served court papers? There's usually a subplot each year and seeing what comes out of this one could be interesting.

Here's the schedule if you want to start watching for the days your school will appear:

Wed. July 21, 2010
1st rotation – Alabama / Mississippi State
2nd rotation – Kentucky / Florida

Thurs. July 22, 2010
1st rotation – Georgia / Arkansas
2nd rotation – Vanderbilt / South Carolina

Fri. July 23, 2010
1st rotation – Auburn / Tennessee
2nd rotation – LSU / Ole Miss

You have to pity Dan Mullen for having to share round one with Saban. Talk about a case of the haves and the have-nots. And Joker Phillips will try to not get lost amid all the questions that the media will pepper Urban Meyer with about his health and so forth.

Some coaches enjoy the spotlight, while others, Saban a good example, may be there just long enough to give his speech and get his parking validated.

Besides expansion, look for questions on bye weeks, bowl games, and expectations. What makes this dog and pony show interesting is the controversy that can pop out of nowhere. We look forward to seeing what that will be this year.


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