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Seriously people, the man just told you why he quit when he did. I for one applaud him for being a stand up guy to his staff.

Just stop and think about it. Here we are in one of the biggest slumps economically speaking in the history of this country, and all this man was trying to do is save his staff from being in the unemployment line.

It's not like they were gonna contend for the SECC, this is Vandy for crying out loud! If they would have won 5 games this year they would have been lucky. No sir you can't put any blame on this man for his decision. Really and truely we need more people like Bobby Johnson. Rarely do you find someone with that kind of loyalty to the people who work under him/her.

Vandy will be Vandy and the world won't spin off it's axis over this resignation, and Bobby Johnson's staff will always remember his kind heart, and loyal stance. RTR
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Body will be bathed in a drop of rain, the sun ray will be a thorough heart of life and more like the attitude that ah! We should have a thankful heart.


When we say I wish you enough , we want the other persons to have a life filled with enough good things to sustain them.


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