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Champions of The Round Table

-Larry Burton (Panama City Beach, Fla.)

Alabama is becoming an NFL pipeline for talent and the offensive line has had men make headlines in the drafts.

One of the big reasons is the coaching and NFL type preparation they're getting from Coach Joe Pendry, who knows a thing or two about getting guys ready for the NFL.

That is one of the reasons that Alabama may wind up winning a shell game with Brandon Shell of Goose Creek, S.C. and nephew of NFL Hall of Fame offensive lineman Art Shell.

Art has years of wisdom behind him and has seen it all from a player to a head coach. Brandon's family is counting on Art to help Brandon make the right decision with all that knowledge and his mother listens to Art closely.

Though a school in the Carolina's may have been where Brandon's heart was, his uncle is urging him to look at the big picture and mainly to look at Alabama.

Art knows the instruction he'll get from Joe Pendry and how that alone will lift his eventual draft status. He's also evaluated the depth chart and sees that Brandon could work his way in quickly with the Tide.

With Georgia fading from the picture, it looks to be between Clemson and Alabama at this point with the family seemingly almost all pulling for Alabama.

As the heat of summer increases, so do the Tide's chances of landing this and several other national top players to add to a class that is already among the top.

This big 6'7" youngster will only get bigger and better as the year goes by until he hits the campus of his chosen school. Unlike Fluker, who came in a good run blocker with pass protection problems, Shell already has a great pass rush defense and has great footwork already.

He is the kind of young man you can insert early and enjoy for years according to scouts who rank linemen for services like Rivals and Scout.

"In 20 years of college coaching, I've never had one like him," his high school coach Chuck Reedy said. "He's a No. 1 NFL draft pick. He's very impressive physically, not fat, just big. He has great feet and he's very athletic. He has great hands and he knows how to use his hands. He has become more physical."

The last time I wrote about this young man, he had just finished a quiet visit at Alabama with his uncle Art Shell. That was almost one month ago. At that time, there were five teams on his "short list", South Carolina, Clemson, Alabama, Miami, and Georgia.

Besides his uncle leaning to Alabama, his mother also likes the Tide.

"My mom talks to all the coaches really. It all goes through her. She is going to be a big influence because she basically handles everything and she lets me know what is going on. She likes Alabama and she likes Georgia too." Shell said.

"Alabama has a good program and they work hard," said Shell. "I like the way they handle things and how everything is organized. Nick Saban is a nice coach. Coach Burns is recruiting me to Alabama and my mom talks to him a lot."

So with the big two favorably impressed with Alabama, it would be hard to not put Alabama on the short list of the final two.

7/13/2010 04:29:51

I really hope Bama lands this young
man..He looks like a bulldozer!!

8/9/2010 13:46:48

No one indebted for others,while many people don't know how to cherish others.


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    By: Larry Burton

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