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A big question mark about Vols this year is offense. They have lost players to transfer, and most of the ones there are fairly young. Since Phillip Fulmer the Vols have lost nearly 30 players to either transfer, or being kicked off the team for various offenses.

Coach Derrick Dooley spent most of his time this morning crediting a lot of his success and growth as a coach to Nick Saban. Coach Dooley spent seven years as a coach on Nick's Saban's staff.

Dooley also brings to light that UT has made the SEC Championship five out of eleven years. Despite the strugles, they have some tradition to look back on in terms of success in the SEC. They may have to rely on that tradition heavily this year and next as Dooley tries to rebuild a program that is in near shambles. BTW....season ticket sales down. 6000 season ticket packs still not sold. The Vols didn't have a sellout game at home last year.


Josh Bynes, one impressive young man. He sounds like a young coach. That should help the young players to have that type of leadership on the field. He reminds me of Rolando in regards of his field savy. He lead the team with 104 tackles last year, and if you throw in how poorly Auburn tackled last year, then you see how important he was to his team.
Coach Gene Chizik, says he's pleased with the progress his defense made in the Spring. he feels like they will be much improved from last year's version of Auburn Tiger football!
When asked about Cam Newton, Chiz says they feel like he has done everything they have asked of him. Now all he has to do is show it on the field on game day. Much of the rest of the interview was talking about rules changes and how to control the comings and goings of players, and who they are having contact with.


The Right Reverend Houston Nutt, one of my favorites.If you don't want to know the truth or an answer don't ask Coach Nutt. He's the best interview at Media Days, hands down.

When asked about his disappointment of last years early ranking in the top ten, they asked him how he felt this year. He says that rankings don't mean anything if you don't back them up with wins. He bemoans the fact his team let the fans down. He doesn't seem bothered that he's not expected to finish very high in anyone's poll.

When asked about his staff he had high praise for the members of his staff, some of the guys have been with him for a while. But, Dave Rader? Coach Nutt goes on to talk about Rader coaching Brody Croyle and John Parker Wilson while at Alabama. Still the Alabama offense was not what you'd call unstoppable then.

Houston was asked about the QB spot on a couple of occasions. He was quick to express regrett that Jeven Snead left early. He says if they play tomorrow that 6-5 215lb Nathan Stanley would be the first on the field. But says he has no problem with Randell Mackey, and he is also fond of young Raymond Cotton.


Did anyone understand a word that Lesticle Miles said? He said a lot of words, but they didn't add up to anything, except for whining about the officiating in games last year. He feels that the booth is where the decisions should be made on all calls of question in the game.
Other than that, you travel more miles to get Les when listening to Lestacle.

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Earnest T Bass

Sounds to me like you got ole Lester figured out there Bot. The only team I know in the SEC with outstanding talent and no coaching. Ole Spike Miles has not done anything since Bo Paleni and Jim Bo fisher left LSWho. Shows just how weak the coaching is at Boodanville in Red Stick Louisanna. He should have went to big weasel country when he had the chance.


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