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Bobby Humphrey
This is a story about things that happen when we have a life changing event become the answer to our prayers. "Prayers did he just say?" Yes prayers...and I'll take this chance before we go any further, I know some of you are not believers and that's okay too. I do believe, and I pray for you, for myself, my family, and my friends. Do I sin? You bet, everyday. The difference is I ask for forgiveness and The Lord makes it so! But now on to the story.

Bobby Humphery born October 11, 1966, in Birmingham, Alabama. Bobby played for Glenn High School in Birmingham before he was recruited and signed by Alabama. Bobby played four years where he rushed for 3,420 yeards, caught 60 passes for over five hundred yards, and scored 40 TDs. He was All-American two years, 1986 and 1987. In 1986, he set a school record with 1,471 rushing yards. In 1987, he was voted as UPI's offensive player of the year, he also finished 10th in Heisman voting.

His Pro career is less than what you'd expect from such a talent. He did have a really fine first year at Denver where he rushed for 1,151 yards, and seven TDs. In 1992 Humphrey held out for changes on his contract, it was against the rules because of the way his contract was structured. He held out until the 14th week. By then it was too late, and he was traded the next year to Miami. He was never the same and left the NFL for good in 1993.

In early 1993, Bobby was arrested for cocaine possession and was later shot by his friend in the leg with a .38 caliber pistol. He rebounded from that and became the head coach of the Birmingham Steeldogs of the Arena Football League.

Bobby Humphrey works for Ready Mix Concrete as a sales rep today, and is envolved in church, family, and his job. He was asked if he would ever coach again, he said he was very happy raising his kids, and his job is fulfilling, but he could never rule out coaching later on.

As a youngster, Bobby Humphrey watched many great football games being played on Legion Field as he sold cokes and parked cars to earn extra money. He grew up right across the street from the field in the housing projects. "It was a minute from my front door to Legion Field, Gate one," stated Bobby Humphrey. "While I was selling cokes, I would look out over that field and say that I would love to be playing on Legion Field one day." But something great took place from the day he looked out over that field and wanted to play as a little boy until the day he actually got to step out on that field and play for Alabama. That something was hard work, dedication, separation, and a strong desire to go after his goal.

He did get his wish and he played many times there at The Old Gray Lady, and his dream and his prayers were answered. He made a life for others, not just himself. His brother and sister graduated from college, his mom was able to get her GED, then attend college. So it is indeed a story of changing lives. Bobby Humphrey is a man able to change and make that change mean something positive. RTR

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Humphrey with the Steeldogs

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