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Cyrus Kouandjio
When you research Cyrus Kouandjio, three things become apparent immediately. One, he's not just Arie's little brother, (who signed with Alabama last year), it's easy to see why he may be the best offensive lineman recruit in the nation and lastly, that he's taking his time and studying hard his choices of what college to attend. If you think just because Nick Saban plucked his brother from Maryland and little brother is sure to follow, you don't know Cyrus.

As he's often said, just because his brother is at Alabama, that doesn't mean that's who he will pick and he has his choice of almost any school in the nation.

While he maintains he learned a lot watching his brother go through this process, this is very much his own decision and everyone in the family goes along with that decision.

Cyrus says he respects his brother letting him sort this all out for himself without pressuring him to come to Alabama, although he does say that Alabama is most definitely on his short list.

He recently told ESPN, "Alabama definitely has my early attention. How could they not? I love coach Sal [Sunseri, assistant head coach/linebackers]. I really feel like I can trust him. I know he'll take care of me. And Coach Saban is really down-to-earth. They have been staying in contact pretty consistently. My brother believes that Coach [Joe] Pendry is the best offensive line coach in the country. That's a pretty big compliment right there."

And what does his brother have to say on the subject of recruiting?

"Me and Cyrus don't really talk about football in the house. I'm real proud of him; he's got a lot of attention and it's really great to see that happen for my younger brother. He's very athletic, which is why coaches really like him. I can still take him on one-v.-ones, though. My advice for him would be to look around and listen, keep an open mind. But definitely, Roll Tide." Said Arie.

He's driven down from his Maryland home to Tuscaloosa before with his brother and says that 12 hour trip is long, but he also recently paid his own money for an "unofficial" visit to New Mexico. Therefore you may assume that distance is not a factor in his decision.

Cyrus is six foot seven inches tall and a chiseled 300 pounds and very strong, he benches 310 & squats 510 lbs, and he's still hasn't played his senior season in high school. His hobbies include pancaking defensive players.

With the current bevy of talent already committed, the addition of Kouandijio could mean yet another top class for Saban and Alabama. It would also ensure that offensive line would keep having whatever running backs they use to gain national attention.

Could a commitment like Cyrus also influence a young man like Malcolm Brown from Texas to run behind such a line? Time will tell.

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    By: Larry Burton

    Syndicated Writer From: Bleacher Report

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