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Greg McElroy
You know when you think of Alabama, defense and a great running game comes to mind first. You just don't think of The Tide as a passing team. We had John Parker Wilson, and he threw for lots of yards, but he just wasn't there when bama needed the pass. Now enter Greg McElroy, here's a guy who has never lost a game he has started. He's not flashy, he doesn't wow you with his running, he doesn't throw many INTs. All he does is win, reminds me alot of Jay Barker.

Greg's a better and more accurate passer than Jay Barker was. I'm not gonna bore you with stats and figures. All of you saw what he is capable of doing last year in the SECC Game. The kid can play with the best. You can say he didn't show up at the BCSC Game though, but you'd be "wrong again, Vern".....the lad played with broken ribs and never said a word, or looked like he was in pain. Took some hard shots too, and got right back up.

Yeah I think he can win the Unitas Award. If he plays like he did in the SECCG we'll be 13-0 and probably be cracking buckeye nuts with a shop hammer in Jan. That's a long way off, but it's not out of the question at all with this bunch. Greg's our guy and he'll do just fine, the kid is a leader. RTR
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Earnest T Bass

Good take on ole GMAC. He is a tuff little critter. As the Bear once said," He ain't nothing but a winner". Good story Bot!


GMAC can sling grit with the best!!
Yes Sir,He has what it takes,and
then some!!


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