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Just hang in there.  In a mere nine days, the SEC media days will commence, followed by the ACC's four days later, followed by other conferences shortly thereafter, and then summer camps will start and, before you know it, the dawn of a new season will be upon us.  Until then, though...

... we have to wade through "news" like the following.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a Florida assistant coach posted on the Facebook walls of two football recruits,
leading to two of four secondary violations the school "committed" between June 1,2009, and June 15 of this year. The Gators were turned into the SEC by an unnamed rival school after an unnamed assistant at the school, who was monitoring the Facebook walls of recruits, noticed the impermissible contact.

In each case, the UF assistant was, the Sentinel writes, reminded of the interpretation regarding permissible electronic contact and was prohibited from written communication in recruiting for a period of two weeks.

Additionally, Florida self-reported violations for "impermissible protective gear" and two assistants called a recruit during the same week.  The "punishment" for each was a similar slap on the wrist.

Two things come quickly to mind:

1.) What the hell kind of grown-ass man monitors the Facebook walls of high school students?  Oh, wait, there's a word for that...

2.) What the hell is "impermissible protective gear"?  A cup with a Gator logo emblazoned on it?

Again, just 52 days until the 2010 season kicks off...

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