Here they are, those defensive lineman... - Champions of The Round Table

Champions of The Round Table

# 32 David Blalock DL JR 6-5 245

# 93 Chris Bonds DL FR 6-4 263

# 99 Josh Chapman DL JR 6-1 310

# 57 Marcell Dareus DL JR 6-3 306

# 96 Luther Davis DL SR 6-3 279

# 58 Nick Gentry DL JR 6-1 282

# 54 Glenn Harbin DL SO 6-5 260

# 95 Brandon Lewis DL JR 6-3 274

# 56 William Ming DL FR 6-3 263

# 97 Brandon Moore DL FR 6-5 305

# 64 Kerry Murphy DL SO 6-4 319

# 53 Anthony Orr DL FR 6-4 268

# 94 Darrington Sentimore DL FR 6-3 261

# 92 Damion Square DL SO 6-3 284

# 90 Milton Talert DL SR 6-4 271

# 49 Mount Bot DL FR 5-11 295
  How would you like to decide who your three go to guys are from
that list of players? Ok, Mount Bot excluded.....but serious there
are some very good players there. Let's have a look in the middle.

  We all saw Josh Chapman play last year, and we know that Josh
get the job done. He's very adept at playing the double team,
and he can rush the pocket as well. He's my starter in the middle.

  The young man with the long name, Darrington Sentimore is a
highly touted player from Norco, La., he can play both the tackle
and DE. If soph Kerry Murphy doesn't pan out at tackle, maybe
this young man can contribute and spell Josh Chapman for a few
well deserved swigs of Gatorade.

  Now doggone-it,'ve worked hard, gone through the jr.
college thing, got your grades up, and then life smacks you in the
kisser. This year should be Kerry Murphy's year to shine. If nothing else, the Almighty owes him some moments in the sun. Hard work usually pays off though, but it's up to Kerry. I like his chances of having a good year. 

  I like the odds of this fine player to have a great comeback year,
Damion Square should be recovered from his injury.  Damion should see regular playing time at one of the defensive end spots. Damion is a very athletic DL I like his ability to put pressure off the edge.
  Now "big" Luther Davis will something to say about that, he may be a starter this year at DE. Luther needs to improve his tackling technique, but he's a fine player.

  I saved the best for last, lol. Need I even say his name? Marcell
Dareus! All-American in waiting. He's more than a raging beast.
He's has everything going for him, a little bit of speed, great hands, nifty footwork, and don't miss tackling ability. He has such a nose for where the play is going, it's instinct, you can't coach it.

  Don't you dare say he didn't do anything until the BCSCG! Watch
the replays of the games, pick any one of the SEC games. LSU, ARK,
any of them! Marcell was making plays all season, and the further
the season went the more he got to play. By the end of it all, he had
staked his claim to the season that awaits him. And he will shine too!
Like I said....All-American in waiting, bank on it!

  There are several players that I didn't mention, but they are all
fine players, and I'm sure there is playing time among some of
those guys this season. Coach Saban has always had two deep,
sometime three deep up front.

  Good luck to all the guys. Does anyone else have any ideas here,
about who plays and where they play? RTR
Bot out

Earnest T Bass
7/1/2010 07:31:50

I agree on Marcell Dareus. He played well all year long last year and that was what had him starting by the end of the year. Just a three star recruit in the begining, but has developed into one of the best I have seen in a long time.
I also believe that Murphy will come into his own this season. Kerry did have a very rough road to begin with. He hung tough even through the lose of his brother. To me that says a lots about him. Good luck to all these young men, and hope for a great season again this year. RTR


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