Champions of The Round Table

Well here they are the field generals...

# 10 A.J. McCarron QB FR 6-4 190

# 12 Greg McElroy QB SR 6-3 225

# 18 Morgan Ogilvie QB FR 6-0 198

# 14 Phillip Sims QB FR 6-2 214

  The question is...does going undefeated, winning a National Championship, and an SEC Championship automatically make you the starter for Alabama this season? Oh did I mention he played in the BCSCG with broken The answer is yes he has bought his ticket to be "The Guy" taking the snaps for Bama. Unless he gets injured (god forbid) Greg McElroy will start as QB. If he gets knicked up and has to sit out a couple of weeks, then look out!

  A.J. is more than ready to play on the field. Does he know enough about the offense to run it like G. Mac? I don't think so, but I know this, the kid can make all the throws. He can zip in there when it needs zippin', and he has the best touch I have seen since Stabler, or Richard Todd. And he can run with the ball too, he has good speed, and is not a bit timid about tucking that ball in and running. Can he play on the field, the answer is yes.

  And maybe a year away from contending for the job is Phillip Sims. Sims is a strong-arm kind of QB, a real pocket passer. I have watched some of his games on TV, tons of clips on YouTube. He's the real deal folks, when he learns this offense and gets some PT under his belt, Phillip can be the gunslinger we've always wanted at the Capstone. But he has to unseat A.J., and that's asking alot. McCarron is a very savy young QB.

  Well there's the "big three", for my money I guess I'll go with the proven mother didn't raise me to be a fool. But I sure do like A.J.!
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