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The booming voice you hear leading a pre-practice stretch or encouraging a Crimson Tide player to finish a workout session strong is that of Head Football Strength and Conditioning Coach Scott Cochran. The high-energy conditioning coach joined Alabama's staff in 2007.  A native of New Orleans, Scott has a bachelor's degree in kinesiology from LSU, and he has added a masters in sports management, also from LSU. 

"Coach Cochran is one of the most spirited coaches I have ever been around," said former UA  captain Antoine Caldwell. "He makes you want to show up and work every day, and push yourself even harder than the day before." 

He has turned this team around from sucking air in the 4th quarter, with their hands on their hips in 90 plus degree temperatures, coupled with humidity levels reaching 75 to 85 % at times. These youngsters can play four quarters and "make you want quit" (Nick Saban). It's the other team that is sucking air, and hoping to just get the game over with.

Mark Ingram said in an interview with ESPN that they (the Bama players) look for those signs in opposing teams. Hands on their hips, head down, bending knees and trying to breath in fresh air and the will to finish games. "That's when we know we are in control", says Mark. "When I come out for a breather, I know that Trent has fresh legs, and when Trent comes out, he knows I have fresh legs."
It's been Coach Coachran who has turned this squad around in terms of finishing games strong. It has to make Coach Saban and the staff's job so much easier. They know Scott has them ready to play, most important of all... finish strong, and in punishing fashion.
Two key points here:

1- Having opposing teams wish the game would just end. And having your team glad to see the 4th quarter come so we can pound you into submission is sometimes the difference in winning a hard fought game or losing it. Just ask Texas, Auburn, LSU, and The Gators.

2- Having a coach like Scott Cochran brings high energy, and strong mental toughness to your players. It's hard to win and be mentally tough when you are not in great shape.
Add another name to the Unsung Hero's list.
You folks have a great day! and stay in shape! RTR
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Earnest T Bass

Scotty Cochran is da man. He has played a big part in turning Bama into champions. By keeping to Coach Cochrans standards our team has been made stronger, and with much more stamina to endure the last quarter and as little ford tuff Nickey Boy Sabine said,"Make their asses want to quit".


Cochran is the MAN!!!! Your right, he's a real big part of the reason we won the NC this year & went 12-0 in '08'. Hopefully he will stay put at Bama while Saban is there. RTR

Cary Coker

I would like to see an article on "before and after" the Tide's fourth quarter program, including pictures of players, weight, body fat percentages, and 40 times. Plus, how quickly some of these changes can take place wouls also be interesting. Can we get specific information about Cochran's program?


Cary, glad to see your comment, I'll try and gather that info for you, it will be next to impossible to find out any specific info about Coach Cochran's program. But it's safe to say that hard work and dedication are two of the biggest tools.


Coach Cochran has these boys playing
in the 4th quarter,like they are playing
in the 1st quarter..This was a lot of
the problem with the Shula era..There
was no disipline..Bama had some good
talent,but with no disipline,could not
produce..Coach Cochran has them pumping.


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it's been a great day!*


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