Champions of The Round Table

My first story is about Mark Ingram and his running mate Trent Richardson.
Mark Ingram may be the most irreplaceable player in college football? Let's see, he won the Heisman, Bama's first. He was the third soph. in a row to win it.
But while Mark has the bronze man award from last year on the kitchen table. There's a guy in the wings, Mr. Richardson, who is arguably just as good as Ingram.
Let's have a look TR. He's 5'11" around 220-225lb, solid as a rock, former highschool weightlifting champ in state of Florida. Very physical, very good speed. Just ask The Longhorns, I bet they remember his 49 yard scamper to paydirt in the BCSCG! And he is just a "soph".
Without a doubt the best 1-2 punch in college football. They just might be the best I have every seen in 50 something years of watching college ball.
Both bring everything to the table, they both have speed and power. They both can catch the ball coming out of the backfield or lining up as wideouts. And they both gush with pride in the roles that they share.
It's the "yac" (yards after contact) that is their strongest suit. Mark Ingram had almost 800 yds after contact last year. Trent brings the same kind of power and explosiveness on potentially every play. Can they catch the ball? You bet they can, and they can block too! There's not much difference in the two backs except one's a Jr., the other is a sophomore.
Right now we have two runners that are almost mirror images of one another.
I ask it better to have a change of pace back to come in and bruise his way for three yards? If I'm a coach I think I like having two backs the same.
If you bring a 245 lb. back in the game you just about know two things. One is, the run is gonna come between the tackles, or two he's in there to block. He's certainly not gonna run a 20 yard wheel route for you, break a tackle and score from 50 yards out. I think I pick the element of surprise, and that is what you get with two very similar type backs that can do it all. What do you think?


    By: iRobot