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Kirby Smart joined the Crimson Tide football staff in January, 2007, after spending the 2006 season as safeties coach with head coach Nick Saban and the NFL's Miami Dolphins. Prior to his stint with the Dolphins, Smart spent six years on the collegiate level with Georgia (1999 and 2005), LSU (2004), Florida State (2002-03), and Valdosta State (2000-01).

The son of a coach himself, Smart started his football career playing high school ball with the Bainbridge High School (Georgia) Bearcats. He then moved on to play defensive back for the University of Georgia Bulldogs. As a senior, he was a first-team All-SEC pick. He finished his career with 13 interceptions, which is currently fourth on the all-time Georgia ranks. He was also a four-time member of the SEC Academic Honor Roll.

Coach Smart has played with and coached with some pretty high profile coaches and teams. He is a tireless recruiter, and he is Coach Saban's ace in the hole when it comes to making adjustments on the defensive side of the ball during gametime.

His background is steeped in good ole southern style football. He was a graduate asst. coach under Bobby Bowden, where he coached defensive backs. Mickey Andrews the defensive guru for so many years at Florida State says he is one of the brightest minds in college football.

He's had his taste of the NFL, under Coach Nick Saban and The Miami Dolphins. He came to Alabama as the defensive Coordinator in 2007 following Coach Saban from the NFL. This makes his third stop with Coach Saban. He was also at LSU in 2004 while Nick Saban was head coach in Baton Rouge.

Everyone seems to be trying to steal our boy away. Texas Tech, Georgia, Florida State has had their eye on Kirby as well. Why? He's as good as it gets, and he's had the best teachers money can buy. Kirby can flat out coach. He seems to always have the defense in the right formation when the ball is snapped. And the guys play hard for him.

I know that Darth Saban is the mastermind, but Kirby could do the job on his own just fine. I sure am gonna miss him when he takes that Georgia job after this season. It is his for the taking when Richt leaves the Bulldog camp. He sure has been a bright spot around Tuscaloosa though.

I think he will have another fantastic season this year, let's hope we can give ole Kirby another reason to stick around T-Town for another year! RTR
Bot out

Earnest T Bass

I agree 100% Bot. Ole Kirby will be the next head coach at Ga. when Richt gets his walking papers, and that could be after this year if he don't step up his game some. The Ga Faithful will only put up with middle of the road performance for just so long and then the axe will fall. Good story Bot.


I may sound a little selfish,but I hope
he sticks around..He is one of the best
defencive coord.,if not the best!He would'nt be at Bama if he were'nt..But
if he chooses to go,saying Richt leaves,
then I would have to wish him the best..


Two things...Richt is working on a good 2011 recruiting class and the Georgia AD's DUI and firing probably buys Richt a couple more years if Georgia has a decent 2010 season. So, maybe we keep Kirby a couple more years.


I hope Richt stays there for awhile! Kirby is just fine where he's at now!!!!lol


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