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I'm not gonna give that same old liberal drivel about poor poor me, I come from a low income family and had to wear shoes three sizes to small.And in doing so it cut the blood flow to my brain, please excuse me, it was only a mistake. Bottom line is; everything we do in a moral situation is ultimately up to our own discretion. These student/athletes are treated like adults, when in truth they are adults in the physical sense only. But between the ears that is not always the case. There in lies one of the problems. How can you trust a person to be on his own if he's not mature, and willing to stand on his own merit. You can't! And then comes the next blame for some of these problems.

Enter the NCAA, had they kept their meddling hands out of things years ago about athletic dorms this may never have happened as frequently. You can't expect a 17 or 18 year old kid to always follow the rules. Just ask Joe Namath, or Ken Stabler, and they lived in dorms and still couldn't follow the rules. It still gives you some measure of control over these youngster's activities. And it allows for further guidance that appears to be lacking in some of these young student/athletes.

Now comes the lowly part of the blame, corrupt sports agents. Blood sucking unscruplous bottom feeders. As Nick Saban called them, pimps. Not all agents are bad, but there's just so many of them out there that I wouldn't trust one being alone with my dead grandma. These "people" need to be attacked and attacked with a vengeance for their manipulation of these young men in collage. I understand everyone wants to make a buck, but there are lines you should not cross. Crossing these lines and dragging down college football in your wake is inexcusable.

I for one do not like interference from "lawmakers" but there is a need for very very strict laws against this type of procurement of college talent for profit.

Now on to Marcell and this party trip. Now that Dareus is under scrutiny, how long will it take before he is either cleared of any wrong doing, or is found to be guilty of improper contact with a sports agent?

The NCAA is infamous for dragging their feet, it took about 3 years for them to trim USC down to size. And now, so for we have three schools and numerous players allegedly involved. This could take forever. Reports are though, that Marcell claims to have paid his own way. If that is found to be true, then we could see him back soon. If he's accepted payment for food or lodging, or even an airline ticket to the Whining City (Miami,FL.) and back, he could pay restitution and maybe get away with one or two games suspension.

Two factors in how soon he could get back if found guilty of only minimal offenses, such as airfare, or entertainment, etc etc etc are;

One value of the benefit he recieved, how much was a dinner and airfare, and maybe few drinks? It's not that much. And he could pay it back like was done last year.

Two, whether the player was forthcoming and cooperated with The University in a timely manner. Again you are relying on whether the young man in question is ready to stand accountable for his actions. Somewhere you must draw a line in the sand and make a stand, if you won't to change things for the better.

I know this may be a long stretch but, it seems like an amateurish sting operation to me, from the biggest perps of this whole deal....The NCAA!
More to come, I'm sure! RTR
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He will probably be out a game or two ...lot of scuttle butt out there but this isn't just a Bama thing so it will garner a lot of attention by those knuckle head compliance bags that normally just look at a programs name and throw darts at a board with various punishments pasted on it .


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