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Petrino & Spurrier
Coach Bobby Petrino from the very start talks about his improved defense. He says the defense has worked hard in Spring practice and made big strides. He commented twice on how much he thought of the effort in Spring practice. When asked what he was looking forward to as the season approached he said it was those last practices right before the first game. He then went on to say that the Georgia game was very important to start off on the right foot in SEC play. They travel to Athens to play that one.

So, that will be a game to watch Sept. 18th, we'll see how much of a new and improved defense the Hogs have. Remember a pretty good player named A.J. Green plays for the Dawgs, we'll see how well they cover this guy. And a subject not discussed by Petrino was, Ryan Mallett. Rumors abound that Mallett is still in the pool, recovering from foot surgery, a stress fracture. For Bama fans that game would be a good way to scout this team out before they take on the Crimson Tide in their place on Sept. 25th. Should be fun to see how things unfold in those first three or four weeks of the season.

Enter, Mr. Charisma....Coach Steve Spurrier. In typical Spurrier fashion he was upbeat and seemed very hopeful that his charges were ready for the test this season. He was asked about his defense and he says "good good we have a fine defense this year we think we can compete with anyone in the SEC." Asked about the QB position....."Good, Good, got two QBs ready to play." He spoke about Lattimore, and he expected him to be able to contribute this year. Coach also talked about how he'd like to get Stephon Gilmore, his fine corner over on offense in the Wildcat formation. He says every time he says get him ready for offense his defensive people give him dirty looks.

The highlight of the interview was when asked... who he voted for All-SEC Player this year he responded by saying, "Jevan Snead" and there was plenty of laughter in the room. BTW Coach nice tie! That about covers it for now friends check back later! RTR
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