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Coach Sal Sunseri the Asst. Head Football Coach at the University of Alabama will have another task ahead of him this sason. That task will be to coach a young defense with few starters returning this year. A task, Really? It is if you consider he and the players will be wearing a big target on their backs this season. It's nothing any team doesn't have after winning a championship, but it's a role the Tide has not had in several years.

This season could define the dominance of this team for many years to come. Coach Sunseri is a huge part of that potential success, he is a tireless recruiter, and was instrumental in the recruitment of Phillip Sims, Alfy Hill, and Arie Kouandjio. How was that instrumental you ask? Well it was Sal's connections to the Atlantic coast from his Carolina Panther coaching days. And he has brought that talent with him to Alabama. Can the guy coach? You bet he can, just ask the former pro bowlers he has coached, Julius Peppers, Mike Rucker, and Kris Jenkins. I'd say his record speaks for itself, I'm confident that Coach Sal will get the job done.

This Alabama football program is beginning to have the look of the NFL in terms of really good coaches, Sunseri, Smart, Cochran, McElwain, Pendry, Bo Davis, Burton Burns, Curt Cignetti, Bobby Williams, and the addition of Jeremy Pruitt, "secondary coach." Call me selfish, but I hope we have this staff intact for a long time to come. As a Crimson Tide fan, I'm not worried about small potatoes like targets on our backs. I'm looking forward to the challenge of winning it all again this year. I'd say our chances look pretty good under this staff! RTR
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Sal is a big part of the pass rush we have now. He has really turned the secondary into monsters! Great work bot.


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