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The Big Fluke? 08/12/2010
D.J. Fluker
I don't think D.J. Fluker is a fluke, I think he is just untapped talent, smoothed over by a heavy topping of desire and eagerness. I went to the Spring game, and I saw D.J. play. Let's be honest, he wasn't very impressive. His footwork was just non-existent, he looked totally confused. He also looked winded at times. After watching that performance, I was disappointed. I had thought he would have been better prepared by then. He was bigger than Cody, and didn't have the mobility. I thought I had misjudged him from the beginning.

That was then, and this is now....This is the D.J. Fluker I thought I was gonna get from the get-go. He's lost weight, he moves easier, and breaths easier. He has the talent, and desire to be a really good lineman. He's shown me that the hope I had for him to be a good player was not in vain. I am very proud of D.J.'s effort to work the kinks out.

I'm also proud of the way Barrett Jones has taken D.J. under his wing and helped him with his assignments. Just imagine an unselfish teammate these days,um um um. We have more players like that too. Just look at Trent and Mark, unselfish as they can be. they're all about the team, and winning games. They'll be others that shine because of their selfgiving teammates before it's all said and done. I love this team, they have more to prove perhaps than any team we've had in many years. I'd say that's incentive enough to go after a second championship in a row! RTR
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