Champions of The Round Table

No.      Name                            Pos        ClassEligibility    Ht      Wt     HomeTown                 82         Earl Alexander           WR             Gs-Sr             6-4      207     PhenixCity,AL        
  7         Kenny Bell                    WR              Fr-Fr            6-1      172    Rayville, La             

88         Michael Bowman        WR             So-So             64      225    Rossville,Ga.            
37         Hardie Buck                 WR             So-So          5-9       184    Birmingham,AL.    
13         Robert Ezell                 WR             Sr-Jr           5-10     172    Athens, AL               
11         Brandon Gibson          WR             Sr-Jr            6-2       196    Mobile, AL                
15         Darius Hanks              WR            Sr-Sr           6-0       184     Norcross, GA            
 8          Julio Jones                   WR            Jr-Jr             6-4       211     Foley, AL                  
81         Kendall Kelly               WR            So-Fr           6-3      214     Gadsden, AL            
 4          Marquis Maze              WR            Sr-Jr             5-10    182     Tarrant, AL              
83         Kevin Norwood           WR            So-Fr            6-2     187      D'Iberville, Miss     
46         William Strickland     WR             Jr-Jr            6-0      188      Tuscaloosa, AL        
47         Logan Thomas            WR            Sr-Sr            6-3      206      Houston, Tx              
 9          Nick Williams              WR             So-Fr           5-10     179    Fort Lauderdale,FL
There are some pretty good players lurking in that list of wideouts. Most folks think there's some pretty good players in that list that haven't played very much! Brandon Gibson comes to mind,Michael Bowman is another. It's just hard to push your way into a lineup that features Julio Jones, Marquis Maze and Darius Hanks. But I think that some of the work done this spring by the these younger players will enable Coach Nick Saban and his offensive staff to play these guys who have worked so hard.

 It's my misfortune not to be able to attend the games very much anymore, but I did go to the A-Day game. I was simply wowed by the speed and size of these players. Kenny Bell, and Kendall Kelly are so fast it scares you! Just watching these kids warm up is a treat. You can easily see why they were touted so highly coming from high school.

 It's this fan's belief that these fine players will have to be on top of their game every play. It's imperative to be able to throw the ball when we want to, not when down and distance dictates to you when you can throw. If we can do that, Mark and Trent will scoop up yardage like there's no tomorrow. And I haven't even mentioned the tight ends, yet. Scarey huh?

 What do you think? Is the passing game the real test for this team this season for success? Or do we just cram it down their throats, Big Ten style and wear em down? We have the stable of backs and the OL to do just that, but some where some team will have an answer. I like our chances if we mix it up real good. Besides I like watching Julio stretch his legs out like he did against LSU! RTR.
Bot out...

6/29/2010 06:21:34

Way to go Bot,Keep it up!!! RTR

6/30/2010 04:16:19

Brandon Gibson, Kenny Bell & Michael Bowman are going to be great players! Bama is going to have great WR's for a few year to come. We also have another Great WR class coming in the 2011 class. Bama should be set for awhile.

Earnest T. Bass
6/30/2010 10:32:45

14 guys of that caliber is a lots of depth in one position, but I am not complaining at all. It is just amazing how much talent that coach Saban and his staff have amassed in the past three years.


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