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Can Joe Pendry really raise the dead? He darn sure has turned an offensive line that was decomposing in the grave, back to the land of the living since January, 2007. All hail the great Magi!
Here's the facts on Joe Pendry, ready boris?

Joe Pendry, a veteran of 19 years of NFL coaching experience, joined head coach Nick Saban's staff at Alabama in January, 2007.

Pendry (pronounced "pen-dree" for you barners) has worked with six different NFL clubs and has been to the playoffs 11 times in his career with his most recent stop coming with the Houston Texans, where he served as offensive line coach and offensive coordinator in 2004 and 2005. Prior to that, Pendry worked three years for Dom Capers at the Carolina Panthers from 1995-97. Carolina posted a 27-23 overall record with one NFC championship game appearance over those three seasons.
A native of Matheny, W.Va., Pendry was a three-sport star at Oceana High School, excelling in football, basketball and track. He was an all-state selection in football and basketball and was the West Virginia High School Lineman of the Year in 1964. Pendry played two seasons at West Virginia University (1965-66) before a career-ending injury allowed him to become a student coach (1967-68) before becoming a graduate assistant coach in 1969. He remained on the WVU staff as freshman coach (1970), wide receivers coach (1971-72), offensive line coach (1973-74) and offensive coordinator (1976-77).

Pendry has also had collegiate coaching stints at Kansas State (1975), Pittsburgh (1978-79), and Michigan State (1980-81) before moving to the professional ranks. He was an assistant coach with the USFL's Philadelphia Stars (1982-83) before becoming head coach of the Pittsburgh Maulers in 1984. In 1985, he began his NFL coaching career, where he spent the last 19 years. For those of you who remember the USFL, the Philadelphia Stars were pretty good. If I'm not mistaken they won two out of the three championship games in that short lived league. Don't make the mistake of selling the USFL short. They had some fine football players in that league....Herschel Walker, Joe Cribbs, Sam Mills, on and on....they had some good coaches too, Steve Spurrier, Jim Mora, Rollie Dotsch, and of course Joe Pendry just to name a few.

Since Joe Pendry has been at Alabama, they have played for two SECCs, one national championship, which they won. They went 12 and 0 two years in a row in the regular season. He's coached All-Americans and he's had All SEC offensive lineman in the last three years. Last year may have been his finest hour as he mixed and conjured up an offensive line that could move mountains. They moved mountains all the way to Pasadena where they climbed the tallest mountain in football.( the BCS Championship)Now can he work his famous magic once again this year, and produce the road-graders and pass blockers the Tide needs to carry that ponderous load to the mountaintop of college football? I wouldn't bet against him.
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Pendry is a coach in my opinion that doesn't get enough credit for his work. He has done better than an awesome job with the OL in the last few years. I think this year he'll have his toughest challenge in replacing Mike Johnson. Mike leaving to the NFL is probably the hardest hit the OL has taken since Pendry has been at Bama. Mike Johnson is big shoes to fill! There's not doubt that the talent is there & that Pendry will find the best fit though.RTR

Earnest T Bass

Pendry is a wizard at what he does. Last years doubters said it could not be done. Too much talent was lost from the 2008 team to be any good in 2009. The old man of the trenches worked his magic again and put together a better OL than the year before. I see no reason why he will not be able to do it again this season, especially with the talent that Coach Saban keeps bringing in to feed Pendry's pancake blocking machine. Look for this years OL to be another good one. Maybe even better than we have seen in a long time.
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Pendry, like Smart, McElwain, Sunseri, is another example of Saban's ability to identify coaching talent as well as players. I knew Saban was good but I am constantly awed by the Process. There is a reason that college and pro coaches come to T-town to learn Saban way. The Process will be studied long after Saban has retired.

Pendry has always been my favorite asst. coach. His approach and it's results are amazing.


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