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 When you write about the whole team the one ingredient that's not talked about much, but should be is the OL and the TEs. Everytime I ever talked football with Ken Stabler he would always say..."it all starts up front (meaning the OL)." If you don't have solid blocking no matter how good your running backs are or how sure handed the wideouts are, your offense will sooner or later collapse without a good soild OL, and TEs.

 Back three or four years ago the TE wasn't even a factor in Alabama's passing game. Now we are much more likely to throw to a TE than ever before. Some would say what about Ozzie Newsome, Ozzie was mostly used as a wideout, although he did play some tight end, and that was in the Wishbone. And that was then, and this is now. And now the tight end is a huge part in the Tide's offense.

 The Tide has some really good players returning this year at TE, Michael Williams comes to mind first. Here's a kid with soft hands, and excellent running ability, a pretty good blocker as well. If he does anything that is a negative it's the way he holds the ball out and away from his body when he's running. But I think the staff has seen this and is correcting this little blip.

 Preston Dail, is another TE that is a good player. Preston is more of a blocking TE, but on occasion they do throw to him.

 Brad Smelly is the third TE on my little depth chart. Brad has good hands, but he's just a bit small in the frame (a stringbean) Brad is a good player though, and contributes a great deal to this team.

 Others listed on the roster are; Undra Billingsley from Birmingham, he is a whoppin' big kid at 6'3" 269 lbs. although he listed as TE, he may end up as a lineman on defense.
You have Chris Underwood, from Vestavia Hills, 6'4" 238. I don't know much about this young man but he certainly does fit the bill in size. He's played in eight games, and is a soph. Chris plays on special teams as well.

 If I left anyone out I apologize, but from here the TE spot looks solid and well manned. Now let's have a look at the Ol, and some players that could make a difference this year.

 BTW... before we talk about the OL, we're just gonna scratch the surface talking about these players right now. But I'll try and take the starters one by one and really go in depth about them before the season starts. RTR
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