The Unsung Heros part two... - Champions of The Round Table

Champions of The Round Table

# 73 William Vlachos
# 67 John Michael Boswell OL JR 6' 4" 291
# 77 James Carpenter OL JR 6' 5" 300
# 76 D. J. Flucker OL FR 6' 6" 340
# 75 Barrett Jones OL SO 6' 4" 301
# 78 Chad Lindsay OL FR 6' 2" 277
# 72 Tyler Love OL SO 6' 6" 304
# 52 Alfred McCullough OL JR 6' 2" 309
# 66 Brian Motley OL SR 6' 3' 289
# 68 Taylor Pharr OL SR 6' 6" 285
# 54 Russell Raines OL FR 6'2" 265
# 74 David Ross OL SR 6' 3" 302
# 79 Austin Shepard OL FR 6' 5" 307
# 61 Anthony Steen OL FR 6' 3" 292
# 73 William Vlachos OL JR 6' 1" 289
# 65 Chance Warmack OL SO 6' 3" 300
# 60 David Williams OL SO 6' 3" 267
# 63 Kellen Williams OL FR 6' 3" 307
 As You can see that's quite the list of offensive lineman, what was the count....
oh yeah, 17! If Joe Pendry can't come up with 5 starters from that group then
there's not a barn in Lee County. Who's it gonna be? You gotta think that
Vlachos will be ready to go at center. For my money he's as good as there is
in the SEC. He has great footwork, and is quick. Gritty little guy at 289 lbs.
LOL....that's little?
 Then it looks like Ole Barrett Jones is set to have another fine year at guard.
Barrett was a very fast learner last year, by the end of the season he was
knockin' down would-be tacklers left and right. Very good at sealing off and
keeping his man in front of him. Dang good player!

 Lets stick with the guys we think are the sure starters for now, and let's talk
about Carpenter. Here's a guy last year stepping into huge shoes to fill,
behind Andre Smith. Everyone was all worried about that spot on the OL more
than anything. James played well last year, he made some mistakes at first
and was beaten on occasion but he was fine. Turned out to be nothing to
worry about after all. James Carpenter will be the bell cow on that line of
scrimmage again this year! I think he is a better pass blocker than that other
fella that was here before him....

 Well that gets 3 of the 5 out of the in my humble opinion
(if there is such a thing) I think I'll go with Brian Motley at left tackle, he's
an athletic guy too, if you remember he even played nose tackle when Cody
was hurt. Then last year they moved him to offense. So he should be able
to move around quick like the rest of these guys.

 I love this speedy line up this year, it worked so well last year. Now... I'm
gonna throw Chance Warmack in there at right tackle. Warmack looked
polished at A-Day, he just might be the guy to keep Greg's backside in
check. Chance won the most improved freshman award this past spring,
I look for big things this year from him.
  My heart says go with D. J., but my head says..."it's real chancy". If I watched
anything close at the A-Day game it was Flucker. I just fell in love with this kid
the first time I saw him on the blogs. He was so excited about coming to
Alabama, and seemed so eager to learn. He quickly became a favorite of
mine, and still is. But....D. J. needs to really work hard on his footwork. And
I know that he was playing against some of the toughest defensive players
in the SEC in the A-Day scrimmage. I'll leave it at that, but I sure hope the big
guy can come through and get some playing time.

There you have it....
Vlachos - center
Jones - guard
Warmack- tackle
Motley - guard
Carpenter - tackle
 Only my opinion, there's no telling what Coach Joe Pendry will come up with.
This is what he does best, though. Mixing and matching player combos.
What do you guys n gals think?

Earnest T. Bass
6/30/2010 10:26:42

Great breakdown on all the OL players Bot. I agree if you don't have it up front, then what's in the backfield better be a few notches better than good, or they will spend a lots of time on their collective backsides. I also have great faith in coach Pendry's ability to put together a great offenseive line again this year. Its getting close 66 days and counting. RTR

6/30/2010 10:39:00

Pendry has done an outstanding job with the O-line since he got to bama. Before he got there I wondered how such a talented line could play so bad. With a lefty at QB, the RT has to do more than run block which may hurt Fluker's chances. He may actually have a better shot when AJ takes over and the RT returns to being more of a road grader.

6/30/2010 12:07:29

I believe you got it right, but if Flucker does get them feet moving "Look out". He does have everything you would want in a tackle with his size & speed.I do agree that it probably will be Warmack at RT though, but with D.J. right on his heels.
Good story Bot, Keep the Tide a Rolling!!!

7/2/2010 05:30:12

Danny Sheridan predicted that Carpenter would be the biggest JUCU find for bama since Cody. Looks like he was right.

1/27/2011 11:02:32

Everybody is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.


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