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Larry Burton (Syndicated Writer) It has been known for some time that Trey DePriest has narrowed down his choices to two schools. Alabama and Ohio State, but he has given little hint until now which way he's leaning.

He is destined to be a star inside linebacker wherever he goes and many see him taking over the role after Dont'a Hightower, who takes over that spot this year from Rolando McClain, who now has multi-million dollar NFL contract.

It is expected that Hightower, like McClain, could leave early for the NFL, thus opening up the position for DePriest. But so far, DePriest has done little to show his favorite. Most quotes have been bland and non-partisan, such as the following:

"I have it down to two schools now, Alabama and Ohio State. I would like to make a final decision soon and get the whole recruiting thing out of the way."

But something happened this weekend to give Tide fans some hope, and if they were inclined to use a little imagination, they could see a possible first hint of a decision from DePriest.

Friday, DePriest visited Ohio State for part of the day before heading down to Tuscaloosa where he will not only meet with the coaching staff and players, but his family, who have driven down from Ohio. His family did not go with him to Ohio State.

Though he grew up a Michigan Wolverine fan, Michigan was never really in the picture for DePriest. Initially he was thought to be a lock for the Buckeyes, then he narrowed it down to three, which included Florida, before finally narrowing it down to two.

This could be a big loss for Ohio State as this could be the second year in a row that the state's top linebacker has left the state for another school.

Many think his asking his family to come down and visit the school at Alabama is a clear indication of letting the family see his future home and that the stop at Ohio State was a young man's polite way of telling them, thanks but no thanks.

But at this point, that is purely speculation.

One thing that is for sure, however, is that it's always better to be the last school visited. But will DePriest make a formal announcement this weekend? It's hard to say.

But bringing down the whole family is certainly something to make Ohio State fan nervous, as did his comments about Alabama following his last visit.

"I like Alabama. It's pretty sweet. I saw the academic set up and I liked it. I got a chance to look at everything on my visit. I met with Coach Sunseri and I like him quite a bit," said DePriest when speaking of Alabama. 

His two day visit to Alabama will end Sunday, but will he be leaving his commitment behind?

Only time will tell.

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