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  Last fall, Nick Saban was among several prominent college coaches who had cameos in the critically acclaimed movie "The Blind Side."

This fall, Alabama's head football coach plays the leading man in a feature film, that reveals some of the mysteries in life of the most talked about man in Alabama, besides Barry Obama and his private little oil spill.

A film on Nick Saban and his football career will debut on the silverscreen in late August. The premier of Nick Saban: Gamechanger is scheduled for Aug 24th with a general public debut several days later.

The film's, produced by Flashlight Media Group of Memphis. Memphis? I thought The University of Tenn. had built a fence around that city. Wonder how Nick got past that?

The movie will be available on DVD after the theater run has run it's course. FMG produced a 5 DVD set on Alabama football in 2008 titled Defining Moments.

What is remarkable about this little project is how FMG soft-soaped Nick Saban into granting the freedom into his private life.....FMG followed him to the Left Coast along with Mack Brown to do an ESPN gameday shoot. Then tagged along with Nick all through Spring practice, and all through the A-Day Game. Get this......he even allowed the cameras to come to that hollowed ground of his home at Lake Burton. What is going on... Lake Burton? Is Coach gettin' soft all of a sudden? No he's not, he's making a buck just like any of us would do if the chance came along.

Jimmy Sexton made most of this possible. I expect right about now Jimmy's not thinking with his "dip-stick", he's running the cash register and thanking the Almighty that he latched on with Nick Saban.

More power to em, I say. Now we know for sure that jerry123 was right all along......nick sabin is a silverscreen giant.....Deezzz Nutz! RTR

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Earnest T Bass

Bot I thought you knew. 321yrreJ is really Little Ford Tuff Nickey Boy Sabine in-cog-neato!


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