Champions of The Round Table

First it was a ban on blackout under the eyes with a message, then it was cowbells, now it's the Rammer Jammer chant! Where do we draw the line on interference from the NCAA?
Add the celebration penalties and I'd say they (ncaa) are stepping over the line, as usual. When is there gonna be a ban on breaking wind while in the stadium? Geez, can't a fella have any fun anymore!

All this can and cannot do, do-gooder junk needs to stop. Fans are fans, they cheer and make noise, and chant, this is what we do! This sounds like a crowd of Southern Baptist, telling Holy Rollers they can't charm snakes, or jingle a tamborine and strum a guitar in church.

Bottom line is this, are you still gonna chant Rammer Jammer if Bama gets a 15 yard penalty and a stern look from the NCAA. Or are you gonna knuckle under to them and reinforce their undeserved authority?

I say, "Ram this" NCAA! What do you think?

BTW, if you see me tilt, it wasn't me.....snicker snicker. RTR

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    By: iRobot