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  SATIRE — Nick Saban loves the fans but can be less than patient with the press sometimes. His reputation for staring down or addressing reporters who are either unprepared or asking silly questions is now legendary.

  With SEC media days approaching, here are some tips to the reporters who are covering it and some questions not to ask.

  Follow the down for perhaps the five worst questions you could ask Nick Saban at the upcoming media day event at the Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover, Alabama.


#1 - When are you going to start wearing a houndstooth hat?

 Ask that one and those may not be the two fingers he uses to give you his answer.


#2 - Are you going to get some good recruits this year?

He would be tempted to say, "Yes, we'll have good recruits, now come up here and let me show you I can crush your head like I pop balloons."

#3 - Do you give input to the band director for halftime shows?

  His answer might be, "No, I don't. Now come up here so I can slap you with both of these hands."

#4 - Are you going to appear on...

If that question doesn't cause him to pop a blood vessel in his temple, the last one surely will.


#5 - Where do you stand on the Edward vs Jacob debate?

Hey, if they asked a Supreme Court nominee that this week, what makes you so sure someone won't ask Nick Saban?

So there you have it!

Five questions that will at least get you this look or worse.

I hope you enjoyed this humorous look at the "Five Questions Not to Ask Nick Saban at SEC Media Days"

For those who enjoyed it, my name is Larry Burton. For anyone wishing to show this to Nick Saban, my name is Kevin McGrady.


    By: Larry Burton

    From: Bleacher Report

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