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Champions of The Round Table

Larry Burton (Panama City Beach, Fla.) There is one undeniable fact that should send shivers of fear throughout the college football spine this upcoming year.

It's not that Alabama is a great team, everybody has accepted that. It's not that the team landed yet another top
recruiting class or has opened up the passing game either.

The one cold, brutal, and undeniable fact is that this team will
continue to mow down national powerhouses left and right with only one senior starter of any significance on it, and it will only will be better the following year.

It's hard to play catch up when the team you're chasing has a stat like that.

The freshmen and sophomores that will play this year, and will continue to win, are almost all coming back. Except next year, they'll be bigger, stronger, and smarter.

If you couldn't beat them this year, what hope do you have next year?

It will be hard for many to comprehend the fact that Alabama, despite returning as National Champions, is still far from achieving the top of its potential.

This team that goes out every week and mauls other
schools is still a work in progress, a team that has yet to reach the limits of its capabilities.

For those wise enough to understand that, it's just downright scary, unless you're a Crimson Tide fan.

As thrilled as coaches are with Greg McElroy, they are even more excited to see what the other two great backup quarterbacks can do after another year of schooling.

So for anyone thinking that Alabama will be doomed to have a "rookie" starting quarterback, all they have to do is remember that McElroy himself went 12-0 as a "rookie" starting QB, and the coaches all feel the next could do the same.

Despite returning almost the entire offense and a large portion of the defense from last year, Alabama is one of the youngest teams in the South Eastern Conference and may be losing the fewest number of seniors.

If they beat you with their "babies," then can you imagine the beating they'll dish out once they've peaked?

Yes, Alabama may lose some juniors to the NFL draft, that happens when you have the top talent on your team, but there are youngsters there with just as great a talent factor just waiting for the chance to show it off.

These are heady days to be a Crimson Tide fan right now, and as you watch this team proceed through the season this year, get used to them.

You'll see them again next year.

7/20/2010 01:06:55

Let's just hope that the coaches and boosters keep their noses clean. And that players that are about to leave for the pros, have sense enough to wait until they are at the signing table and away from the University before they accept money.There's no excuse for cheating....ever hear the old adage..."cheaters never prosper"? If The Tide does that then they will be the team of the decade easily....sorry Gaytors


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    By: Larry Burton

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