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These concerns are: Deion Belue, and Dre Kirkpatrick.

 Dre had another shoulder surgery just after the Spring game. It's said that his shoulder will be fine. He is due to start running again in a week or so. Is it bad? Well any shoulder injury is bad. There's lots of working parts there. And if things don't heal right, and work when they are supposed to work, then yes, it's not good. Not to mention he has missed out on Coach Scott Cochran's strength and conditioning camp this summer.

Saban seems to think he's moving right along though. But this is the same coach that never made a peep about Greg McElroy's broken ribs before the BCSC game. So right now it's just speculation about Dre. I gotta tell ya though, there's a reason why they have kept this under wraps as long as they have. Your guess would be as good as mine on that one.

Now we turn our attention to Deion Belue. Here's a kid with many talents on three sides of the ball. Defense as a corner. Offense as a receiver. And Special Teams as a return man.

I have watched most all of his films from high school and there's a huge degree of talent in this young man. If he has one shortcoming in his game it's just that he is not very strong. He's not gonna break alot of tackles. But with his speed and moves he doesn't have to run over you, just around you. Not to mention, that when Coach Cochran gets finished with him he might be a handful yet!

I think the real question mark about Deion is this. Can he make the grades to keep him on the roster? He's not in as bad of shape as some that have come through T-Town, but he needs work.

Now, if we don't have these two players to call on early, with an already thin secondary squad, The Tide could be weak at times against the pass early on. Let's hope this is just talk, and everyone is healthy and keeping their grades up to standards, and beyond. Maybe one day we'll look back say..."hey is Dr. Deion Belue the same Deion Belue that played for Alabama?" RTR
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