Champions of The Round Table

Dont'a Hightower
  Well folks it's no secret who the starting lineup at linebacker is. Looks like this, coming in from Spring practice.
#5 Jerrell Harris
#41 Courtney Upshaw
#30 Dont'a Hightower
#35 Nico Johnson

  That's a good looking group of guys, Hightower and Upshaw have a good bit of experience and Courtney Upshaw is very good coming off the edge. He'll hit you too, he's a sure tackler.
  Nico Johnson came into his own last year by way of Hightower's injury and he played well the rest of the way. Nico was a force rushing the passer, and was instrumental in knocking LSU's Jordan Jefferson out of the game. He also learned from Dont'a Hightower while on the sideline as the game unfolded. Johnson and Hightower will play a large part of stability this year as we shuffle young players in and out of the game around them. Hopefully we will find the right combination before we get to far into the SEC schedule.

  Speaking of Mr. Hightower, he looks set for a great comeback season ahead. I'm sure he will do just fine. Will he be the coach on the field this year? Let's not forget, he played out there with Ro and he learned from him. He also learned from being on the sidelines while watching Ro preform his magic. I think Dont'a will be the go to guy with signals for the lineman and backers. He'll have it down pat in a jiffy.....used to have a girlfriend and we called her

  Jerrell Harris, hmm. Jerrell was highly thought of coming from high school. He has yet to live up to his billing, but we all hope he does just that this season. Jerrell is a gifted athlete and I am sure he will be up to speed when it all counts. Good football players are always prepared.

  Chavis Williams, Jolston Fowler, Tana Patrick, and Petey Smith are players that will gain some playing time and experience this season. Just how much time remains to be seen. Some of these guys could be upstarts and challenge for real consideration at serious playing time.

  Well that about does it for now, but as they say......"stay tuned for more stuff" RTR  Bot out


Hightower will be the man this year. He is going to be more than a beast!!!

Earnest T Bass

Dont'a will be the on the field coach just like Ro was last year. When you learn from the best, you become the best.


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